Featuring hoodies, sweat pants, trans-seasonal separates, belts, back packs, sacks and totes, MARTIN KEEHN is a menswear collection with broad appeal and modular ease. In his collection MARTIN KEEHN explores his love of pop culture while finding inspiration in lesser noticed more common characters in our lives such as the high school gym teacher versus the smart ass class clown or obscure references like French Connection 2, the sequel. While most are doing “twists on American classics”, Martin does twisted American classics yet somehow finds sexiness and global utilitarian elegance within.

In 2010 MARTIN KEEHN merged his retail/accessories brand, editorial consulting and celebrity styling work into one business and based his headquarters at 27 ½ Essex Street, in New York City’s Lower East Side.


27 1/2 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002
Email: info@martinkeehn.com
For Press Inquiries:
Email: press@martinkeehn.com
Martin Keehn is represented by REP
508 West 26th Street – Suite 4C
New York, NY, 10001
Email: relations@repmode.com